Sugar Alternatives

On an average we consume about 35kg of sugar every year which a lot more than the recommended amount. Even though sugar provides us with energy it does have any notational value Sugar consumption causes many health problems: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increased insulin sensitivity, cavities or even gastric acidity … many are the inconveniences which result from too much consumption of food products containing too many added sugars. We many healthy and vegan replacements of sugar to choose, in this article we have reviewed some of best alternatives to sugar.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar comes from the sap of the coconut blossom.  It has a very low glycemic index (35).  Its texture is very close to brown sugar and its taste is slightly caramelized. it easily replaces sugar in dessert recipes (1 dose of coconut sugar for 1 dose of refined sugar).  It is also rich in minerals, which makes it nutritionally superior to cane sugar for example.  It is the most used alternative by practitioners of the paleo diet.


Honey generally has a moderate glycemic index.  Each honey is different, each has its own GI. Honey is one full of nutrition and is a super food : it provides various minerals, vitamins and amino acids.  Honey is a mixture of several sugars including glucose, maltose, sucrose and fructose.  The higher the glucose content in honey, the more it will tend to crystallize.  On the other hand, honey that contains a lot of fructose will be more liquid. Honey is also less caloric than sugar and has a sweetening power 30% to 40% higher than table sugar Thus, 65 grams of honey is equivalent to 100 grams of sugar which allow to consume lower quantities. Therefore, we benefit from a double economy: sugar and calories

Agave Syrup

Agave syrup has a texture close to honey and a fairly neutral taste.  It is extracted from a plant called the blue agave, a cactus found in Mexico.  The agave has a strong sweetening power, which like honey, allows to put less. Unlike ordinary white sugar, agave syrup contains secondary metabolites, vitamins and minerals.  As its consistency is more liquid than that of honey, it dissolves better when cooked.  It is also ideal for a vegan diet.  The sweetening power of agave syrup is 1.2 times higher than sugar. Its low glycemic index is often put forward: in reality, it is very variable depending on the quality and origin of the syrup.  It can actually be 4 times lower than that of white sugar in some cases, but difficult to be guaranteed. In addition, agave syrup is made up of 60% to 90% fructose, which is problematic because it is stored as fat in the liver when it is consumed.


This famous date is even nicknamed the “Queen of dates”.  Filled with carbohydrates, this fruit is the perfect snack for athletes.  It will fill your sweet cravings in a healthy way.  They are also full of fiber, copper and potassium.   References ’sugar alternatives’ ’7 sugar alternatives’ ’sugar alternatives’