Keto Diet

Best Foods High in Protein. Healthy eating and diet concept

Keto diet is considered a low carb diet, people on a keto diet will have to will have to eat fewer carbs,  moderate protein and consume more healthy fats almost 75 percent of what of what you eat. This will make lose weight fast. Many studies show that keto diet can help you lose weight this is because Keto meals give you a big advantage for losing weight in the shortest amount of time and also make you feel more energetic and curb the feeling of hunger. The term keto comes from the energy molecule ketnos, they are produce by the liver by turning fat into ketnos, this is an alternative source of energy for the body that is used when thereof a reduction of blood sugar in the body. Due to the low carb intake implements by the keto diet, this results it your body becoming very efficient in burning calories by transforming the stored fat into energy directly. Studies have shown that diets low in sugars make it possible to lose weight faster than diets low in fat. but this is only on a short term effect but on the long the weight that is lost is almost equal, “said Dr François Jornayvaz, head of the diabetology unit at the Geneva University Hospitals and author of several scientific articles on the ketogenic diet. According to the doctor, we must distinguish this diet – where carbohydrates are almost eliminated – from low-sugar diets. “We have reason to believe that diets moderately low in carbohydrates, which do not exceed 130 grams of sugars per day, could be beneficial, especially for diabetic patients,” he said. But we must be extremely careful with the type of fat consumed and favor those of vegetable rather than animal origin, otherwise there is a risk of developing fatty liver (fatty liver) and hypercholesterolemia, with harmful effects in the long term. ” For the moment, even if the promises of the ketogenic diet are spreading (weight loss, but also cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.), it important to remember that the only proven effect is on epilepsy.

Foods to Eat for Keto Diet

If this diet is looking too good,  Some professionals are concerned, among other things, about the carbohydrate-protein-fat imbalance that it causes. Because the ketone bodies which the body is forced to eat are acidifying. If there are too many of these in the body, they can cause joint problems or acidosis, acidification of the blood, the effects of which are nausea, headaches and fatigue. Without includint grains and a varaiety of vegetable , the diet can also lead to fiber and vitamin deficiencies. But used over a period of one week maximum, Doctor Raphaël Gruman an expert nutititionist ensures that these imbalances do not have time to develop. As for the risk of hypoglycemia, the body would adapt, according to him, fairly quickly to the lack of sugar. Following this diet without the advice of a doctor is however not advisable because without a health check, any parameters (cholesterol, vitamin deficiency, weakness of the digestive system, etc.) that could not be detected could pose a problem with this change. power.

The  BEST PRACTICES of the Keto Diet

Do not forget the basis of the ketogenic diet: eat 65-70% fat / 25-30% Protein / 5% net carbohydrates! You are not feeling well? You surely need mineral salts. Drink more bone broth! If you feel hungry, stay away from carbs, healthy fats are the way to go. Have you eaten more than 30 grams of carbohydrates today? Remember that is the limit! It is always a good idea to keep a nutrition journal (My Fitness Pal for example), you may be surprised at the amount of food or carbohydrates you eat! You no longer lose weight but you lose inches? You are probably gaining muscle! Take vitamin and fiber supplements. Drink a lot of water. You need it!   References : : Charlotte Anglade ‘”Keto diet”: what is this ultra-fat diet everyone is talking about’ Figaro Cécile Thibert 2019 ‘can the keto diet make you lose weight’